Leadership team

UUMC uses a simplified board model, which means that we have one team for the visioning and administrative functions of our church.  This Leadership Team includes thirteen UUMC members, not counting the Pastor:

  • Lay Leader & Leadership Chairperson
  • Lay Leader to Annual Conference (participates in UUMC Ministry Team meetings)
  • Staff-Parish Relations Lead
  • Staff-Parish Relations Sub-team Member
  • Trustee Lead
  • Trustee Sub-team Member
  • Finance Lead
  • Treasurer
  • Recording Secretary or Communications and Office Manager
  • Ministry Team Chairperson
  • Ministry Team Member At-Large
  • Ministry Team Member At-Large
  • Membership Secretary

Our mission as a congregation is to nurture ever-stronger relationships with God, one another, and our global community. Trust and transparency are key parts of nurturing relationships, so all of our meetings are open (except for confidential personnel matters), minutes are available in the library, and summaries can be found on our leadership announcements blog.  Please contact Rev. Diane or Dan Barrett if you have any questions or suggestions!  

Leadership Team Members 2017

Lay Leader & Leadership Chairperson: Dan Barrett

Lay Leader to Annual Conference: Charlotte Ellis

Staff-Parish Relations Lead: Irma Ruebling

Staff-Parish Relations Sub-team Member: Jean Light

Trustee Lead: Brad Hershey

Trustee Sub-team Member: Alice Mohr

Finance Lead: Bette Welch

Treasurer: Frank Greening

Communications and Office Manager: Elizabeth Coker

Ministry Team Chairperson: Phyllis Hershey

Ministry Team Member At-Large: Bonnie Muren

Ministry Team Member At-Large: Tom Mitchell

Membership Secretary: Ryan Colvin