Altar Flowers

Have you ever wondered how the beautiful arrangements make their way to the UUMC altar each Sunday morning?

Any member or friend of the congregation can sign up to donate flowers on a chart in the fellowship hall.  Just write your name and any information about who you are remembering or honoring with your donation.  Every Sunday there is an acknowledgement of who donated the flowers on the back of the bulletin, so please make it clear on the chart who is donating the flowers and who or what they are honoring or memorializing.  If you don't have room for everything you want to say, please email the church office.

Then, write a check for $40 to UUMC with “altar flowers” and the date you are ordering flowers in the memo line.  Abbi, our Communications and Office Manager, will order an arrangement from Fleur deLou, located in the Delmar Loop.  Fleur deLou gives us a significant discount for an arrangement this large and they deliver to UUMC for free!  If you want a special kind of flowers, communicate with Abbi and be prepared for the cost to go up for your arrangement.  If you prefer to purchase an arrangement on your own, indicate that on the flower chart and Abbi won’t place an order that week. 

After church on Sunday, you may take the arrangement home by removing it from the church container and putting it in a coffee can which you can find in the closet in the prep room.  If you prefer to give your flowers to others, members of the Pastoral Care team will deliver the arrangement to one of our members at home or in the hospital.

Please note: The price of flowers is $40 as of June 1.