At the lunch following A DAY and A WAY on May 18, the UUMC community honored Alice Mohr for all she does for the church.  UUMC member Bonnie Dee commemorated Alice's hard work with the following poem:

I See A Church...
A special tribute

I see a church, it’s UUMC
Its stone façade strong, its people at ease
I see pews and altars and everything’s clean
Even windows and doorknobs, ya know what I mean
And I wonder how happens this level of care 
But then I remember, Alice was there

I see a church, the lights are all on
Each 40 and 60 and 100 burn strong
I see baseboards in order and carpet laid flush
A paved parking lot borne of asphalt well crushed
Why it seems like professionals must live rather near
But then I remember, Alice is here

I see a church with grass trimmed neatly so
The flowers in springtime so joyfully grow
The sidewalks cemented when they bubble up
And welcomed the day when we blessed all the pups
Go up on the roof to fix tiles, who would dare
And then I remember, Alice goes there

I see a church where deep in the bowels
You’ll find a grand room full of tools and old towels
The fix it up room – home when you’re not home
Have you ever been down there? Just don’t go alone
The treasurers abound in this little lair
And I know for a fact, that Alice lives there

I see a church with a kitchen that’s hoppin’
Potlucks and turkeys and lots of big shoppin’
Do you know how the faucets keep pouring out water
Do you know how the sewers keep flowing without falter
When the grease trap needs cleaning you’d better beware
I’ll help, but only if Alice is there

I see a church full of nuts, bolts, and screws
All in their place holding tightly onto
Whatever is needed to stay firmly in place
And the moment it weakens not a moment to waste
It’s fixed, it’s amazing, it’s really quite weird
And then I remember, Alice is here

I see a home, a parsonage it’s called
Keeping it running is an order quite tall
But running it is despite its old age
When something needs fixed a battle is waged
How can we not notice so much wear and tear
It’s only, of course, because Alice was there

I see a posse of folks dressed quite slack
Jeans, t-shirts, and workboots, but fine baseball hats
They focus on fixing the roofs, floors, and walls
The work their priority until hearing her call
Appalachia is people, and they all need great care
And get it they do, because Alice is there

I see a church and there in the front row
For all of our lives, it’s all that we know
Steadfast and strong like the building around 
She cares for the property, humans, and hounds
Makes sure all is well with this place we all share
Our lives all made better because Alice is there

And all that is left to say is
Thank you