2018-19 Mission Theme: Advocate for Children

2018 Mission LOGO FINAL.png

In 2017-18, we worked together to create A Healthier St. Louis. Now we're poised to focus on the most vulnerable members of any society: children.

Caring for children is at the heart of the Christian faith, going back to the earliest Old Testament writings. 

Exodus instructs, "Don't treat any widow or orphan badly," while Psalm 68 declares God to be a "parent of orphans and defender of widows." These are powerful words, written in a time when widows and orphans could easily be sold into slavery. 

Jesus famously commanded, “Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs.” Clearly, God values children's lives. 

In our world, our country, and right here in St. Louis, there are children who face violence, poverty,  discrimination of all kinds, lack of health care, and poor education.

It's a problem that can feel overwhelming, but we believe that by building relationships in our community and taking positive action on national and global issues, we truly can make a difference. 

ADVOCATE FOR CHILDREN: fall 2018 calendar


  • 10/5-6: Urban Forum (Social Justice Immersion) at Kingdom House (sign-up by 9/7)

  • 10/7: World Communion Sunday

  • 10/7: Voter Drive at City of Life Christian Church and surrounding neighborhood

  • 10/14: Connecting our Finances with our Values (Stewardship Sunday)

  • 10/20: HPES*

  • 10/21: Children’s Sabbath (Realizing Dr. King’s Vision of Ending Child Poverty)

  • 10/27: SHED

  • 10/28: LOGOS with Clint McCann

  • 10/28: UNICEF Trick or Treat


  • 11/4: Harvest Home Dinner (inviting Open Door neighbors)

  • 11/6: Election Day

  • 11/17: Trivia Night for Open Door Pantry

  • 11/17: HPES*

  • Culturally-diverse Children’s Book Drive –All Month


  • Kingdom House Gifts

  • Hats, Gloves, and Scarves for Open Door Pantry

  • Advocate for Children Advent Calendar

  • Open Door Christmas Offering

Any Time

  • Local School Partnership… stay tuned!

  • Call to Action for each month: sign the “I Did It!” sign in the Fellowship Hall!

  • Safe Sanctuaries Child Protection Certification (necessary for anyone who wants to work with kids at UUMC)

  • Connect with the Children’s Advocacy Program by MICA Project (Migrant & Immigrant Community Action)

  • Volunteer with Open Door Pantry: with the growing numbers of our neighbors in need, we need additional volunteers! Volunteers purchase food, stock shelves, buy bus passes, prepare resource packets, help people register to vote, donate in-kind items, write grants, apply for free food from local stores, fundraise, and attend committee meetings.

*Email HPES to volunteer. Volunteers need to arrive at 8:30 a.m. Screenings are from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. 

To learn more about any of these opportunities, or to suggest other ways we can Advocate for Children, contact Rich Wymore and Nicole Allen, Mission and Social Justice Team Chairpersons, or talk to Rev. Diane