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A healthier st. louis

Our 2017-2018 mission theme is "A Healthier St. Louis." We're doing this by focusing on three elements: advocate, care, and serve. These concepts are based on Micah 6:8

He has told you, O mortal, what is good;
    and what does the Lord require of you
but to do justice, and to love kindness,
    and to walk humbly with your God?

1. Advocate: We're "doing justice" by becoming advocates. To advocate in this sense is to stand with those who are oppressed, marginalized, or ignored by our society. We do this by learning about systems of oppression, sharing that information with others, and remaking ourselves as allies on behalf of God's kingdom.

2. Care: We're "walking humbly" by caring for ourselves as well as other people. When we take care of our mental, physical, and spiritual health, we have more energy to advocate for and serve others. One way we're doing this is by Walking to Jerusalem from now until Easter Sunday 2018. 

3. Serve: We're serving others through our local missions: the Open Door Food Pantry, which is open every Wednesday from 2-4 p.m.; SHED (Safe Housing for the Elderly and Disabled), which gathers volunteers to do yard work and home repair for University City residents in need; and by continuing to support HPES (Health Protection and Education Systems), an organization that began at UUMC and provides free health and dental screenings. 

Read sermons and blog posts that explore the many ways we're creating A Healthier St. Louis.

40 Days 40 Ways

Looking for a few meaningful ways to create A Healthier St. Louis during Lent? How about 40!

  1. Take a spending Sabbath: go a full day without buying anything.
  2. Donate new socks and underwear to UUMC’s Open Door Pantry.
  3. Eat lunch in Ferguson, MO.
  4. Explore the website UMC Abundant Health --- and share it with a friend! 
  5. Attend the Reconciling Ministries Spring Awakening on 3/3.
  6. Buy items from Bridge Bread to provide jobs for the homeless.
  7. Mark your calendar for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday worship: 7pm, 3/29 and 3/30
  8. Join Jim Pace’s NAMI Walk team and raise money/awareness for mental illness.
  9. Read to a child who is NOT a relative.
  10. Rake a neighbor’s lawn.
  11. Donate children’s books to the UUMC’s Open Door Pantry or a local preschool.
  12. Check on an elderly neighbor.
  13. Mark your calendar for upcoming SHED workdays: May 14th or Julu 14th
  14. Have your blood sugar checked.
  15. Talk to a stranger.
  16. Take a homebound person to lunch (or bring lunch to them).
  17. Watch and share the 3min video “The Two Lives of Jasmine.”
  18. Increase your physical activity. Record your steps for the Walk to Jerusalem.
  19. Have your blood pressure checked.
  20. Write a letter to the editor about an issue you want to support.
  21. Learn more about volunteering at Health Protection and Education Service (HPES).
  22. Read the For the Sake of All Report.
  23. Listen to “Hear Our Voices” by Places for People to gain a better understanding of what people living with schizophrenia experience.
  24. Make a donation to the U-City Microcredit club.
  25. Meatless Monday: go one day without eating meat.
  26. Call an elected official in your district to support an issue important to you.
  27. Download a meditation app and meditate.
  28. Consult United Way of Greater St Louis to find a volunteer opportunity.
  29. Work in a community garden.
  30. Contact UUMC Trustees to find out service opportunities at church. Talk to Alice/ Brad to schedule a work day. 
  31. Schedule a full day for Sabbath: 24 hours with no “work” (whatever that means for you!) 
  32. Bring in hygiene supplies and toiletries to the Open Door Pantry.
  33. Make an appointment with a counselor. Call your insurance company or ask Rev. Diane if you need a referral! 
  34. Create a simple household budget: how much is currently going for savings, food, housing, fun, transportation, and giving? Are there any changes you’d like to make? 
  35. Sit outside in silence for five minutes. Notice how many different sounds you can hear. 
  36. Watch and share the 6min video “The Gateway Gauntlet.”
  37. Take a mindfulness class.
  38. Help low and moderate income families file their tax returns through the Volunteer Center by the United Way of Greater St. Louis.
  39. Assess your risk for diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis at Your Disease Risk, an online assessment tool.
  40. Get your over-the-counter and prescription drugs off the streets and out of our rivers